Easy PBR

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Easy PBR

Easy PBR is a set of tools to simplify the process of creating and layering PBR shaders in Blender.

It's possible to download PBR materials from AmbientCG within Blender, and to convert the downloaded materials into an assets library with a click of button.

And it's possible to combine the materials, and bake the result into PBR maps.

Why Easy PBR?

Creating and combining PBR shaders in Blender is quite powerful thanks to its node system, but it's not easy, time consuming, and things can go out of control very quickly. That's why i created Easy PBR to simplify the process of creating complicated PBR shaders.


  • Brows the AmbientCG library within Blender (PBR Shaders).
  • Download PBR shaders from AmbientCG within Blender.
  • Convert all the downloaded shaders into an "Asset Library" to be used by the Asset Browser.
  • A set of operators to simplify the shaders mixing.
  • The ability to add a shader as a new material or a node group.
  • Bake any material with a "Principled Node" into BPR maps.

How to us it

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You will get the zip files of the add-on and the library

Add-on Version
0.9.2 Beta
Blender Version
2.93 and above
License of the add-on
Licennse of the materials
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Easy PBR

367 ratings
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